Foresight Central Vacuum

Don’t forget the finishing touches to that dream home… Now that you have create the ultimate living experience in your new home, it’s time to simplify your life with a few of the necessities. Believe us… once you see our central vacuum systems, you’ll consider it a necessity too!

With central vacuum in your home, the days of dragging all of that bulky, cumbersome vacuum equipment are a thing of the past. You simply plug the lightweight hose into a convenient wall outlet and the system automatically turns on and you have more suction than you ever dreamed of with your conventional vacuum. Our vac-pan option installs at the baseboard on floor level of hard surfaces. A simple tap of the toe activates the vacuum system and opens a small shoot to sweep loose dirt and dust into. You will love it… we promise!

Foresight’s in-wall Ironing Center make for a compact, convenient solution to traditional ironing board contraptions. They are available as open units or with an optional solid oak door. These small conveniences can really make a difference in your new home.