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Central Vacuums Help Reduce Common Allergy Triggers

central vacuum health benefit

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Why choose a Central Vacuum? 

  • Cleans Deep – central vacuums provide 5X the cleaning power of a conventional vacuum
  • Keeps pet fur & dander under control – Improves the air quality of your home
  • Makes vacuuming a quieter experience since vacuum is in garage or utility room
  • Easy to use and No lifting

Central Vacuums are easy to manage and use, simply plug the lightweight hose into a convenient wall outlet and the system automatically turns on and you have more suction than you ever dreamed of with your conventional vacuum.

Premiere Hide-a-Hose

Enjoy even more convenience with our Hide-a-Hose upgrade. The hose retracts back into the pipe in the wall and is available in several lengths to ensure you are able to reach all parts of your home. Check out our quick video to see how this feature works.